African American Holiday

                                           Mama Ayo has been featured

                                                 in the following media


          Washington Post  *  Afro American Newspaper  *  Washington Times  *  Washington Informer   *

                               The New York Times  *  Target Magazine  *  Upscale Magazine  *

       Bev Smith Show, syndicated  * Tom Joyner Morning Show, syndicated * Power Point syndicated                     *American Urban Radio - 300 national affiliates *  Bob Law “Night Talk” syndicated 

                                    WOL  *  WPFW  *  WJZY  *  WPGC  *  WETA  * WEAA*

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                           * WUSA- Broadcast House Live  *  News Channel 8  * NBC News

           Fox Morning News  *  CNN National  *  C-Span International  *  HARAMBEE Internet Radio

                                Voice of America international broadcast to 22 countries


                Notable appearances/presentations made at the following venues:


                      Life Style Expo - Radio One  * Black Student Union - Chateam College, PA,

                                                  Black Voices for Peace MLK Mini Conference

Million Family March - National Mall

Black Expo USA  *  National Theater, Wash., D. C.

Juneteenth 2000 – Lincoln Memorial & U. S. Capital

Right to Health Care – U.S. Capital  *  French Embassy  * 

                               Fort Dupont Summer Theater  *  Ubiquity - Howard University  * 

                  African American Women on Tour, Wash., D. C.   *  Kwanzaa Holiday Expo, N.Y.  * 

                                St. Louis, Missouri Book Festival  *  Kappa Phi, Atlanta Georgia  * 

                                      Fort Washington Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

    West Virginia University  * P.G. Community College  *  American University *  Black Love Ceremony -St. Louis Capitol City Kwanzaa - Richmond, Virginia *  Juneteenth Music Festival - Civil War Memorial

                                             Roots & Gospel Festival, Benin, West Africa  * 

             Martin Luther King Jr. Library – Black Studies Division  *  Imani Temple Church  * 

                              Mother’s Day 24-Hour Vigil to End the War  * Science of Spirituality Center

                                                          Sudanese American Development Community Organization

               Numerous schools, churches & community programs in Wash., Metropolitan area




1.       The Kwanzaa Griot Storytelling – African storytelling with  drumming, call and response, playing African instruments and  interactive

         play exposes young & old to their cultural heritage..  Favorites include:  “The Talking Drum” on greed; “The Kingdom of Save &

        Spend” on recycling Black dollars; “A Diversity Healing Story” on racism and intolerance; “African Musical Instruments”; “What’s

        Your Special Gift”,  or “Black History Story”; and stories for each one the 7 Principles of the Nguzo Saba. Stories can also be

        custom-tailored for specific age, event or gathering (at extra charge)

        30 minutes Performances


2.       Kwanzaa is a Holiday – a story performance on Kwanzaa, the African American cultural holiday”.  The origin, history and symbols of

        Kwanzaa come alive with call-and-response, rap, singing and drama with audience participation.  A highly popular performance that

        delights young and old, which encourages the daily use of the 7 principles beyond the 7 wholydays of Kwanzaa. 

        30 minutes Performance. 

1 hour Performance  with Lecture # 8


3.       Freedom Song – a story performance that re-enacts the ending of slavery for American Blacks thru the celebration of either

        D.C. Emancipation Day, Juneteenth or connects them together as seen by the eyes of an enslaved women.   Includes Negro Spirituals

        and a diversity discussion on  modern-day Reparations and the lingering effects of enslavement and racism.

30 minutes Performance

1 hour Performance  with Lecture


4.       Ms. Sarah’s Wedding Dress -  A story-performance of an enslaved women’s determination to marry before her community, supported

        by her white slave master.. Great for Black History, Month or June-Bridal time.

       30 minutes performance / 1 hour Lecture


5.       Rites of Passage – a story performance/lecture that explains “rites of passage” as an   African-centered concept of growth and


        30 minutes Performance or 1 hour  lecture

6.       There’s a Cultural Message In Our Fashions – a story performance, lecture and/or  interactive  demo workshop that explores the

        African roots and African American  contributions to fashion, as seen today. Defines culture and promotes self-esteem in the unique

        ways in which we portray our Black beauty and style. Emphasis placed on Spiritual symbols in fabric;  cloth wrapping of

        the head and body; body  piercing, tattooing,  and Henna dying; jewelry and accessory adornment; and hair statements.  Come

        dressed culturally and be part of the show. 

        30 minutes Performance. 1 hour Performance

        & Lecture.  3 hours Workshop


7.       Black Love Relationship Lecture - A lecture/ demo/reading from the founder of  Black Love Day, that describes the keys to

        fulfilling relationships.  Defines the universal concepts of love and the importance of love, especially self-love, as a healing force. 

        Gives the “how-to” of observing Black Love Day – Feb. 13th. Demonstration of Ritual of Reconciliation.

30 minutes “Black Love Book” Reading

1 hour Lecture. & Ritual  Demo



8.       Holiday Lecture  - Lecture examines the 4 major effects of holidays on people of African descent.  Introduces Kwanzaa, its origin,

        symbols and significance of the 7 principles.  Introduces Black Love Day, Junetenth, Malcolm X Day, MLK Day, African American

        Women’s History Month, more.  Examines rituals as positive solutions to redirect holidays for healing and self-help

        30 minutes / 1 hour Lecture




9.       Youth Entrepreneurship – an interactive workshop that explores entrepreneurship.  Translates the skills youth see on the street into

        the language of business.   Explores the principle of Ujamaa (cooperative economics) and role-plays the importance of recycling

        Black dollars.  Encourages use of holidays and celebrations as opportunities for entrepreneurs.  Can be combined with

        performance story on  “The Kingdom of Save & Spend”.

1 hour Lecture  /  5 hours workshop

10.    Women’s Empowerment Workshop – an interactive workshop that encourages women to maximize quality lives just as other

        sheroes historically claimed their power and Black love.  Inner and outer dialogue, “conscious breathing”, visualization, rituals for

        bonding and principles for healing.  Great for Women’s History Month (March) or African American Women’s History Month (April)

        1 hour Lecture / 3 hours workshop


11.  Holiday Stress Management – Facilitated workshop using conscious breathing, movement, visualization, meditative writing and

       discussion on holiday stressors, grief, relationships, food and life-style management to experience the most positive holidays ever

       and to stay positive long after the holidays.  Ideal in workplace and institutionalized sessions to help reduce seasonal absenteeism

       and low-productivity.

       1 hour Lecture-Demo / 3 hours workshop
12.  Holiday Diversity and Holiday StressGet on the right track of holiday cultural competency, by understanding diverse, cultural 
holiday rituals, decorations, food customs to encourage greater cultural sensitivity around such holidays as Kwanzaa, Christmas,
Hanukkah, Juneteenth, Ramadan and other Islamic holiday traditions, Chinese New Year, Black Love Day, Black History Month, etc. 
Also, learn about “Holiday Stress Syndrone” – the  many life-style stressors which impacts seasonal absenteeism and low-productivity.

1 hour Lecture-Demo / 3 hours workshop


13.  Cultural Holiday Decorating Workshop – Provides the “how-to” on cultural decorations for any holiday/celebration/special event

        decorating theme, especially ideal for Kwanzaa, Black Love Day, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, parties, weddings or family


       1 hour  Lecture - Demo / 3 hours workshop




14.    Holiday Fundraising Workshop – Explains the

       “how-to” on fundraising with African American holidays.  Great for non-profits, groups or individuals.  Includes methodology of

        fundraising; marketing & promoting techniques; group dynamics; grass-roots, alternative fundraising ideas explored; soliciting funds

        and volunteer help; offers a list of African American Holidays.

        1 hour Lecture /  5 hours workshop  


15.    Organizing Events Workshop  Provides the “how-to’s” on organizing a special event, march, holiday celebration with /marketplace

         theme. Includes developing a plan of action; finding a site; conducting site inspection; conducting a feasibility study of  project;

        developing a program timeline; soliciting volunteers, entertainment, vendors, exhibitors; developing public relations/marketing

        campaign;, developing fundraising plan; creating an annual event plan

1 hour Lecture / 5 hours workshop


16.    How to Promote a Special Event – Workshop on the how-to’s on developing an effective marketing, advertising and/or public

        relations campaign for products or services, especially for a tight budget.  Separate workshops also offered for in-depth study of

        promotions, public relations, advertising, marketing, internet outreach. 

       1 hour Lecture / 5 hours workshop




17.  Kwanzaa Ceremony Officiating of  the Candle lighting Ceremony at home, school or public gathering, with explanation of Kwanzaa,

        the symbols and the 7 principles (Nguzo Saba) 


  18.  Black Love Relationship Ceremony or Ritual of Reconciliation Officiating of a ceremony of atonement, forgiveness, public and

         private apology.  Includes all symbols used in the ritual with explanation. Ritual ideal  for conflict  resolution or mediation sessions,

         diversity work,  spiritual programs / institutionalized settings.


19.    African Wedding Rites Officiating the “Symbols of Life” and/or Jumping the Broom ceremony. Includes historical and cultural

        explanation and  involves audience participation.


20.    Mamatoto Baby Shower / Naming Ceremony / Rite of Passage/ Officiating for unborns, infants, youth or adults with Libations,

        audience participation and “Symbols of Life” anointing.


21.     Libation Pouring and Closing Rituals  traditional for all ceremonies, programs, gatherings to open in an universal prayer to the

         Ancestors and unity close, releasing Ancestors.