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Black Love Day – Feb. 13th

28th Black Love Day Offers Virtual Activities, Feb. 13, 2021 on Theme:
Healing the Wounds that Divide- Reuniting Our Strengths Thru Black Love”
For Immediate Release:

Nya Akoma (pronounced N yah Ah coma) is the greeting for Black Love Day, Feb. 13, which means get a heart, be patient, return to love.

Black Love Day (BLD) is the 3rd commemorative holiday or wholyday of observance, celebration, reconciliation, atonement and demonstration of love within and for the Black community using 5 Tenets or Loving Acts;

Love for the Creator,
Love for Self;
Love for Family,
Love for the Community
Love for the Black Race (Hue-man)..

“As the founder, Ayo Handy-Kendi, stewards Black Love Day (BLD) thru her group,
the African American Holiday Association (AAHA) and as CEO/ C.O.L.B. of PositivEnergyWorks.

BLD ‘21 offers a free Virtual Black Love Conference to offer tools, solutions, resources and inspiration as best practices of Black Love showcasing 50 presenters, healers, community and spiritual leaders with inner-attainment from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m EST.

The Black Love Day 28th Relationship Ceremony from 7 to 9 p.m
will transforms relationship pain in the Ritual of Reconciliation; expand love thru
Breathology; share performances and the founders’ message on the 2021 theme,
“Healing the Wounds That Divide - Re-uniting Our Strengths Thru Black Love."

Click Link to REGISTER to attend the events by Zoom video or phone

See our presenters at
Put your Black Love shout-outs, get event up-dates and sign up for digital relationship resource guide on

For info call 202-667-2577.

The goals of Black Love Day, Feb. 13th are to offer:

1). a spiritual alternative to the commercialized, Valentine’s day to unapologetically celebrate Blackness.

2) “for so-called” Black people to demonstrate for 24 hours, Black love through celebration, service, apology, forgiveness, and transform self-hatred through the power of self-love, self care and self-awareness;

3) “for so-called White people to put “love in action “ for a 24 hour demonstration of service, atonement and reconciliation towards Black people while inspecting their own racial attitudes, fears, denials, privileges and behaviors;

4). to increase peace, stop violence and return to love to heal all of our relationships.

Ayo Handy-Kendi described”
“In this new year 2021 and new age, we need the power of Black Love using the heart’s high vibrational energy - way stronger than the low energy of fear, hate, scarcity and separation.

Yes, we’ve always had divides, but 2020 exposed a reckoning over hot issues like
health equity, racial justice, economic equality, policing, politics, education, competition for limited resources and just “living while black. Insane polarization, fighting, killing over survival ideologies sprawled into our streets and even into the Nations’ Capitol.

The 28th Black Love Day will share hope, strengthen Black people’s resilience that Black Lives Matter and fortify our “unity in our diversity”. .As oppressed people. we have to rise above to heal our race-based trauma of White supremacy/systemic racism while healing our own “divides” of distrust, colorism, tribalism, gang turfs, gender identities, ethnicity and have/have not class differences.

Love is a spiritual link that connects tolerance with compassion, so we don’t hurt another to love ourselves or hate because of differences.

On Feb. 13, come together to breathe in love, reconcile and bond around solutions to
become whole, powerful people again by healing all our relationships”. .

Learn what to do and how to daily practice BLD’s Tenets in 2021 or call 202-667-2577###

60 SECOND PSA for RADIO OR SHORT announcements

What would happen if around the Nation and the World,
for 24 hours on Black Love Day, February 13,
everyone in the Black community performed at least, 5 specific acts of love –

towards the Creator,
for Self,
for Family,
for the Community
and for the Black Race,

and at the same time, everyone in the White community put
“love in action towards Blacks and dealt with their own attitudes about race?

This is what happens on Black Love Day Feb. 13,
the 3rd nationally, observed African-American holiday (wholyday)
of atonement, reconciliation, celebration and 24 hour demonstration of Black Love

Now celebrating its 28th year. To increase peace, stop violence, to encourage us to return to love to transform andheal all of our relationships.

BLACK LOVE DAY 2021 activities include a
Virtual Conference and 28th Black Love Relationship Ceremony
to focus on this year’s theme: “
“"Healing the Wounds That Divide - Re-uniting Our Strengths Thru Black Love."

Return to love to heal all of our relationships, this BLD and beyond.

For info. go to or call 202-667-2577###

30 Second PSA

For 24 hours on Black Love Day, Feb. 13 heal all of your relationships.
For 28 years BLD global activities focus on a Theme:  The 2021 theme is:
"Healing the Wounds That Divide - Re-uniting Our Strengths Thru Black Love."
For details; or 202-667-2577.


Black Love Day (BLD) is the 3rd nationally commemorated African-American Holiday (wholyday) observance of atonement, reconciliation, celebration and 24 hour demonstration of Black Love through 5 tenets (loving acts) -
for The Creator,
for Self,
for the Black Family,
the Black Community,
and the Black Race.
BLD also encourages Whites in the 24 hour period to &show love in action towards Blacks by working on their own racial attitudes and behaviors..

The goals of this day are to increase peace, stop violence, end Black self-hatred and White supremacy/racism, to offer a spiritual, African-centered,
alternative to the commercialized, and sometimes violent, Valentine's Day.

Since 1993 the first BLD, Ayo Handy-Kendi, has shared the BLD tenets and their higher love vibrations with millions on radio, t.v,  in print, on college campuses, with community organizations, and through her “Black Love Book”,  which can be ordered through

Furthermore, Handy-Kendi is the founder of the Ritual of Reconciliation, the  ritual of Black Love Day and a ritual of reconnection, reconciliation and conflict resolution, to be used anytime. 


As a degreed counselor, community organizer and diversity trainer,Handy-Kendi has packaged all of her social  justice and life experiences along with  tools of transformation to release deep trauma, into a training course, "Breath Circles for Racial, Diversity, Gender Healing.   The 5 Black Love Acts and The Ritual of Reconciliation are at the heart of these trainings.

Handy-Kendi is the founder of Optimum Life Breathology, a Certified Breathologist (C.O.L..B), and CEO of PositivEnergyWorks, which is the co-sponsor of Black Love Day and many other AAHA productions.

She has over 50 years of experience in transformative breath practices and wholistic healing of cellular memory which enabled her to evolve from her own pain, trauma and repressed memory of being sexually and verbally abused as a child.   Self-care and breathology,  later in life, helped her overcome trauma as a mother of a slain teenager, addictions to substances, domestic violence, evictions, homelessness and multiple deaths of several family members.   With these experiences that honed her compassion and prompted her self-care through self-love, it has shaped her into an excellent steward for Black Love Day and beyond.


To schedule Ayo Handy-Kendi for an interview; to acquire “The Black Love Book”; 

to host aBlack Love Relationship Ceremony or "Ritual of Reconciliation or to inquire about her

“Breath Circles for Racial. Diversity, Gender Healing” or “Breath and Sound Experiences;

Please contact, RashidaThomas, publicist, 202-667- 2577 or  email:


·** It's NOT WHERE YOU GO for Black Love Day (BLD) - it is WHAT YOU DO to demonstrate (show) love on this day.  Demonstrate the 5 Tenets (acts of love) on BLD to transform on this wholyday, then practice these tenets everyday to maintain the higher vibration of love   Events and activities are held in honor of, to celebrate or to commemorate Black Love Day, so make the distinction. For example:  Black Love Day is not the Black Luv Festival or the Relationship Ceremony, both held in D.C..  Instead Black Love Day, Feb. 13th is commemorated for 24 hours, both locally, nationally and internationally.

*** The greeting is Nya Akoma (N yah Ah comah) means get a heart, be patient

*** Display the Akoma , an ancient African Adinkra symbol of love, patience, goodwill, faithfulness and endurance. This heart-shaped symbol was re-named and co-opted as a “Valentine”;

***Wear the colors Purple and Black – purple for spiritual growth and royalty; black for the color of the people and freedom from evil (Psalms 7 or 12);

  ***Buy BLD conscious-raising gifts from Black merchants, practicing the tenet of  Black Race love.  Avoid the usual Valentine’s candy, trinkets, stuffed animals, jewelry.  Consider buying healing products or food, inspirational, spiritual gift or hand-crafted gifts, made from the heart;

***In-gather the people at a Black Love Relationship Ceremony including in the Ritual of Reconciliation;

***If there is no local community, BLD Relationship Ceremony, feel free to start one by contacting us, here at AAHA. 

***And, you can create a BLD Relationship Ceremony, right in your own home space.  The Black Love Book offers a complete guide in setting up the ceremony, offering all of the official practices;

***Need suggestions on “how to demonstrate love”?  Read the “Black Love Book” for over 100 or more acts of love that can be demonstrated;


***Get “The Black Love Book-  the definitive guide to the Wholyday", 4th edition, by Ayo Handy-Kendi, founder, Black Love Day – The rituals of BLD, Conducting a Relationship Ceremony, History of Valentine’s Day, Self-love and relationship tips, more, are included. 


$6   E-Book Download

$7.50  + $7.50 Tax  Shipping Soft for soft copy book (allow 3-4 weeks delivery)

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OR  Send check or money order to:

African American Holiday Association (AAHA)

1311 Opus Avenue, Capitol Heights, Md.  20743  (allow 3-4 weeks shipping)

***Send in your Black love suggestions, highlights of your days activities or love shout-outs to to share the love vibration for the healing of the planet.


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***Contact AAHA by email for consultation on your Black Love Relationship Ceremony or  ways to celebrate and demonstrate love wholistically:  or call 202-667-2577


 ***Explanation Video:


 ***Black Love Song, Family Love Video:


***Send in your Black love suggestions, highlights of your days activities or love shout-outs to to share the love vibration for the healing of the planet.




27th Black Love Day, Feb. 13th Encourages Us to Love the Black Race Thru  Reparations


Black Love Day (BLD) Feb. 13th, is celebrating 27 years of creating solutions for better relationships within Black and White communities with this year’s 2020 theme: "Reparations 2 Repair 2 Reconcile 2 Restore the LOVE" which emphasizes the 5th BLD Tenet which is "To Demonstrate Love for the Black Race".  Two activities address this theme.   A 12 noon (EST), Global Black Love Convergence On-Line will offer a collective visualization facilitated by Ayo Handy-Kendi, founder of Black Love Day, with sacred sound for an international love act of reconciliation to foster a reparations mindset.   The Official 27th Black Love Relationship Ceremony, for the Nation, will be held for the 2nd time in Maryland, at Greater Beulah Baptist Church, 6056 Central Avenue, Capitol Heights, Md.  20743 from 6 – 9 p.m., free and open.  Representatives of African-centered groups are invited for the formal induction of a “New World African Symbol”, and encouraged to reconcile their differences for greater unity.  The 5 BLD Acts and the release of love pains will occur during The Ritual of Reconciliation while Ka-ba, the Soul Singer will sing of love’s blessings.


However, it’s not “where you go” but what you “do” to demonstrate love on BLD that makes it so special as a more cultural, spiritual alternative to the commercial Valentine's Day.   BLD is the 3rd observed African-American holiday or wholyday of atonement, reconciliation, celebration and 24 hour demonstration of 5 loving acts or tenets:  “For The Creator, for Self, for the Black Family, the Community and for the Black Race with Whites in the 24 hours showing “love in action” towards Blacks and working on their own racial attitudes and behaviors.”  BLD, while celebrating love, encourages us to return to love to transform and heal all of our relationships, by increasing peace, stopping violence, ending Black self-hatred and White supremacy/racism. 


Responding on the need to address “Reparations”, Ayo Handy-Kendi, founder of Black Love Day (BLD), The Ritual of Reconciliation, and The African American Holiday Association (AAHA) the steward of BLD, stated, “ While BLD, Feb. 13 yearly celebrates love and raises consciousness of love’s healing power, we use this momentum to create a year-long initiative around our BLD Acts. We are sure the 2020 theme of reparations will cause controversy, so we encourage reparations “love in action” engagements, love-ins, forums, etc. to be held on BLD and plan to educate the masses about this issue, beyond BLD.   We believe that reparations  is a moral and spiritual obligation to be reckoned with, which will help repair the damage of one of the worst crimes against humanity – the Maafa (the Black holocaust).  Black people must love themselves enough to have these uncomfortable discussions, so we can reconcile our distrust, a part of slavery’s conditioning, release our anger and push forward to heal and grow in unity.  White folk on  BLD can work on their denial that damages were done that must be repaired, and by this admittance, come to reality that their wealth, power and privilege was earned on the backs of Black folk, who they owe an enormous debt.  BLD’s truth stance of why reparations is needed, can set us ALL free to heal the divides”. 

Handy-Kendi, also founder/CEO of PositivEnergyWorks and a Certified Optimum Life Breathologist has a   on seeking donations to help her year-long, reparations educational advocacy and work with her signature Circles for Racial,  Diversity, Gender Healing  viewed at  Learn “what to do on BLD”,  or call 202-667-2577###