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Ayo Handy-Kendi, the oldest daughter of Doris A.M. Thomas, Actress
and Company Director of the Serenity Players, learned the art of
“storytelling” as a child listening to her Mother’s stories. She then
created story dramas and skit re-enactments with paper dolls, doll
babies, stuffed animals and friends.  As an adult, she professionally
started telling stories in her work as a Community Organizer and Mental
Health Counselor, as early as 1970. 


In 1982, she founded a cultural event that grew and grew eventually developing as
the Founder/Director of the African American Holiday Association
(AAHA) in 1989.  Here, she delighted young and old, lovingly called
Mama Ayo- the Kwanzaa Griot.  A “Griot” (pronounced Gree o in French)
offers storytelling in the oral tradition of Motherland Africa
that are culturally based, filled with  life’s lessons, values and
history.  In 2017, Mama Ayo, desiring to represent her cultural legacy, changed her moniker as a Griot, and embraced the simple moniker of "storyteller" as she began to tell diverse stories about health and racial healing.  Today, in 2020, she  continues to connect culture, health and history to delight young and old with story performances that make information
come alive!


Ayo Handy Kendi has presented before millions over radio, t.v. and
print as a Storyteller, Holiday Authority, founder of Black Love Day –
Feb. 13th, Workshop Facilitator, Rituals Officiator, Breathologist,
Inspirational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, and Spokesperson for
Holiday Stress Management.  


As Mama Ayo,  she has presented notable story performances locally at the National Theater, National Harbor, the Smithsonian, Fort Dupont Summer Theater, P.G. Mall and is featured at   numerous Kwanzaa, Juneteenth and D.C. Emancipation Day events; 
schools, churches, hospitals and community programs.  Nationally she has
performed with African American Women on Tour, N.Y’s Kwanzaa Expo, and
Atlanta’s Juneteenth Celebration; while internationally on Voice of
America broadcasted over 22 countrie, at the  Roots & Gospel
Festival, Benin, West Africa, and in Liberia, West Africa, South Africa, France, Austria, 

Holiday Presentations /Ceremonies/Rituals for

=  Black Love Day – Feb 13TH

=  MLK Birthday

=  Rituals of Reconciliation

=  Women’s History Month

=  D.C. Emancipation Day – April 16th

=  Juneteenth  - June 19th

=  International Breath Day

=  Kwanzaa


Popular Stories

=  It’s Kwanzaa Time

=  The Talking Drum

=  A Diversity Healing Story

=  Freedom Song

-  Why the Breath Has So Much Power

- When you Breathe Better You Live Better

--  The Wedding Dress

For media interviews of Handy-Kendi; for booking stories, speaking engagements, relationship ceremonies, or  workshops; or technical assistance for cultural holidays and stress management, contact Rashida Thomas, publicists for AAHA at 202-667-2577 Or to request an appearance