African American Holiday Association



Holiday Stress Management for Wellness

AAHA has offered holiday stress management and holiday wellness support, through workshops, lectures, storytelling and consultations at schools, workplaces and community-based organizations, at sliding fees. AAHA introduced the concept of “holiday syndrome” in the 1980’s.  Since that time, more research has documented how stress increases during every holiday, and how this impact creates many social and public health concerns, such as depression, suicide, domestic violence, work-place absenteeism, over-eating and substance abuse, during holiday seasonal periods. 


Educational Outreach Campaigns

AAHA’s educational outreach campaigns through the media, have informed the general public, on "holiday syndrome" and holiday stress management.


The educational outreach campaigns have been very beneficial offering alternative/prevention wellness concepts to provide tools to minimize health risks due to the traditional holiday season.   


AAHA has also served as a clearing house for cultural awareness, providing a wealth of resources and educational information to millions on radio, t.v. and in print on Kwanzaa, rituals and ceremonial cultural awareness.  AAHA has shown the link between emotional health and cultural awareness

Youth Entrepreneur Program (YEP)


AAHA’s work with holiday cultural and health awareness and competency spawned the outgrowth of an annual Marketplace Festival and Health Fair that developed from 1981 – to 2007, a period of 26 years.  Within the event, another outgrowth developed -  AAHA's YEP (Youth Entrepreneur Project).


At its inception in the winter of 1989, YEP used the holiday season to assist over 1500 District of Columbia youth, ages 9-21 offering them opportunities for skills and leadership development through a hands-on self help, learning and earning opportunity at the Marketplace.  AAHA offered training and experiences to a "YouthPreneur" to market or sell their products and services through subsidized exhibit booth spaces through AAHA's fundraising and direct public donations for this activity. Other youth received life, customer relations, entrepreneur and special events skills as Event Assistants, where youth received payment for serving the public or by working with the adult event staff, with their earnings matched by the AAHA. This project, served as a model for

many other trade shows who also recognized the vital need to "grow" their business leaders in the African American community through youth entrepreneurship. AAHA's YEP a successful track record of training youth in entrepreneurship and offering opportunities to not only learn but to earn money through our own Black culture with our own models of self-sufficiency to affect the next generation.


AAHA currently offers Consultation, Curriculum Development and Technical Assistance, on how to develop a Youth Entrepreneur Project for Crime and Violence Prevention. 


Technical Assistance for Holiday Alternatives and Special Events


AAHA has further offered technical assistance to the community interested in learning about alternative ways to celebrate Baby Showers, Going –home Services, Family Reunions, African-Centered Weddings, Halloween, Easter and other non-traditional holidays, celebrations and rituals.


Technical Assistance is also offered for Special Events Management which included Lighting and Sound Management.  AAHA has broad experience in Special Events Management, having assisted over 30 or more marches, demonstrations and programs in the D. C. Metropolitan area, nationally and abroad. Notable events AAHA has been involved in managing or co-managing include: The Million Man, Million Woman, Million Family and Million Youth Marches. AAHA was the East-Coast regional chair for the Million’s Woman March and coordinated the national public relations for it and for the Million Family March. AAHA was also on the steering committee for the 40th Anniversary March on Washington.